Sunday, 3 February 2019

Spare Room Decoration

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The small bedroom upstairs in the return had been put on the long finger for some time, so it was time to get the joinery finished and get the room decorated.

This was the original Victorian architrave which was removed some 5 years ago when renovations started. It had to be altered slightly as the doorway has shifted about 20cm to the left to make way for the small toilet on the right of the opening:

The door on the right is the new small WC. This was originally the hot press with the hot water cylinder:

The original Victorian door was stripped, sanded and primed, then rehung:

This is the new door I had made to match the original beside it:

I then began painting the inside using two of Colourtrends paints. I love this light pastel green:

This skirting was repurposed from elsewhere in the house, I believe it was in one of the usptairs rooms. It's quite a bit later than the original house, likely 1900 or so:

I choose to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls seeing as it's at such a low level:

The window required a lot of work, it's now fully restored. I then set about getting these wall lights rigged up:

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Laying A New Granite Sett Patio

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I decided I wanted to sort the permanent mess outside my back door once and for all. We were also experiencing a surprisingly pleasant summer, so if I didn't sort it now, it would be another year before I could get it done:

I started digging down and laid a course of hardcore. The huge granite rock you see has been in the garden since I bought the house, I haven't had the heart of energy to get rid of it!

String lines set the level:

It would have made far more sense to get hardcore and sand delivered by the tonne, however I ended up going with 20-25kg bags bought locally:

I went with tumbled granite setts, bought from Natural Stone Ireland outside Kells. Absolutely beautiful pieces:

I began laying the outside course in cement mortar, 3:1:

Then a dry mix of cement and course sand, 8:1:

Another string line was dragged down the courses as I progressed to maintain the levels left to right:

I kept going right up to sun-down.

I then laid some white stones either side, in which I will likely set some green plants. I used pointing fuge to fill the gaps between the setts, which sets hard after a few days and binds everything together:

See a timelapse of the process here: