Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tiling & Shower Installation

Tiling behind the shower unit was completed last week, it came out extremely well:

The small inset shelves are just the right size for general toiletries: 

Once the tiling was complete, the shower enclosure and shower itself could be installed. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out:

All fittings are very high quality. The shower has a rainfall type head.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Some Skirting & Bathroom Work

Work has slowed in the last month, however is due to pick up again next week. In the mean time, I had some skirting made up, matching the profile of the ground floor front room skirting exactly, which is the only original surviving skirting in the house.

I had the profile bit made for €50, which allows the wood shop to cut lengths of poplar identical to the original skirting. Poplar was used as it has virtually no knots, perfect for painting. I had it made to a height of four inches for the top floor rooms, as the original skirting would not have been full sized. Something to note is that the top floors never had decorative skirting like downstairs, just simple shaped lengths surrounding the room. Most of it had been lost/damaged so I made the decision to get the new skirting made up to the original downstairs profile.

Some skirting installed in the bathroom:

Tanking also began today behind the shower. The box sections were also cut out, which will serve as two shelves:

The bath has also temporarily been positioned with the feet, taps, waste and downpipes fitted. It just needs to be plumbed from the floor below:

The decorative waste pipe: