Monday, 6 March 2017

Return Plastering, Skylight Installation and Guttering Complete

The Victorian return was finished in three coats of lime during Christmas week, but took over a month to dry out due to very poor weather conditions. The interior of all exterior walls are lime plastered, the ceilings and dividing wall are gypsum. Apologies for the low light in the images below:

The yellow windows are the original return sashes and casements, the white ones were made specially to match the originals:

This space by the back door will be utility space:

The granite sills I sourced from Ardee protrude into the rooms like the originals did and will be covered over:

The black limestone slabs still to be pointed:

The new mahogany back door made by Seamus Martin of Sash Window Repair:

Due to the lack of guttering up to this point, water has been pouring off the roof and penetrating the red brick:

The entire return will likely be re-pointed with lime mortar this summer:

The return before guttering was applied:

This window opening was formed to accommodate a forth window:

The new and old:

In the last week of February, Alutec 100mm Half Round Heritage Black guttering was installed on the return. Alutec manufacture a range of conservation-style guttering in aluminium which replicates cast iron very well, making for a safer, more durable installation:

Any of the remaining original gutter brackets were used:

A cross section of the pipe:

The Brett Marting cast iron-style soil pipe was also connected:

Both down pipes feature a textured finish:

Moving back to the interior, the front room chimney breast was skimmed with St. Astier Eco mortar NHL as the original finish was in terrible condition. Instead of removing the original plaster, it was lightly skimmed to give a much cleaner look with the same lime finish:

The complete renovation of the stairs is due to begin very soon, once some prices come in from joiners. Below are twelve balustrades which were turned by hand to match any missing or damaged originals:

Finally, the first floor W.C. is nearing completion, with the new conservation skylight now plastered into place, with the new door fitted which matches the original right beside it:

The Clement rooflight makes a huge difference to this small space:

Noel Twibill who built my kitchen made this small sink stand as I was unhappy with off the shelf offerings. It has a stained oak top and tongue and groove gable:

The toilet and tap will be connected in a few days time, more to come!