Monday, 27 February 2017

Some Interior Door Work & New Stove

Updates have been slow, apologies to all! Work has been progressing, including the final plumbing of all radiators, installation of the new skylight, hanging of two new interior doors and frames and ongoing decorating work. I also have a price being made up for refurbishment of the entire front door and doorcase, along with entire stairs.

For now, just a small update on the first floor front room, which is almost entirely finished. Apologies on the low quality pictures.

I added more of the moldings I had made up by Inniskeen Joinery to this room's door, which match the originals:

Once again, this involves the mitre cutting of the 8ft lengths and gluing them to the door's panels.

The Mitre Fast glue takes hold in seconds:

Once all attached, the door lock had  to be removed before painting:

And the area underneath cleaned up:

Some previously made repairs had to be cleaned up also:

Coating with undercoat:

First coat of Farrow & Ball Off Black. Some pictures of this room will be posted when the floors are sanded and stained, very shortly!

Provision for the second toilet has been made in the form of additional waste pipework, which will also serve the new guttering, currently being installed:

I also decided at the last minute to install a stove on the ground floor in the front room, just before the original surround was reinstalled. This is a Stanley Oisin 7kW solid fuel stove:

Installation was easy as pie, as the flue had already been lined last year:

A full, proper update with proper pictures coming shortly.