Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Some Door Refurbishment

I've started work on the first floor rear bedroom in regards the repairs of the door, surrounding architraves and window shutterbox. The first thing to attend to is the repairs of the door, which has lost all of its original panel beading on one of its sides. This is unfortunately the case with many of the door panels throughout the house as well as many of the panels on the window shutters.

With this in mind, I enlisted Inniskeen Joinery located in Co. Louth to make up fifty metres of new beading with the same profile as the original, based upon a sample I provided.

Below is the general effect which I wanted to recreate, matching the original beading with tight, sharp mitre joints:

The work on each panel starts by cutting the four pieces which make up the beaded rectangle to the correct length, with a forty five degree mitre cut, completed on a mitre saw:

The pieces of beading are laid out over the scars of the original beading which has been lost:

The pieces are then stuck securely in place with super-strong mitre joint adhesive, which consists of a super-glue like liquid and a spray activator:

I laid out the pieces in their rough position to ensure they were all straight and to the correct length. I could then mark off with a pencil the final location of each piece, before gluing it down:

The liquid glue is applied to the back of the beading and the opposing door side is the sprayed with the activator. The glue bonds incredibly quickly, within five to ten seconds.

The doors were then sanded down once more and painted with a water-based primer:

The lower panels of the window shutterbox in the same room received the same treatment:

More work in this room to follow.