Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Plumbing & Electrics

So plumbing started  a few days ago, and water at long last has entered the house and is currently piped up to the top floor. All pipework has been routed up the right side of the chimney breast in the rear of the house.

This is where the water enters the back of the house, with a temporary T pipe so water can be accessed:

The pipework on the ground floor on the right of the chimney breast, in the room that is to become the kitchen:

In the room above, to become a bedroom:

And rising into the top floor bathroom:

The thermal store will be installed in the attic this week and radiators are due to arrive next week.

The plaster in the bathroom is drying well, considering there is no heat in the house:

The power is now switched on, on the top floor. All light switches and sockets are installed, with CAT6 terminals to be installed at a later date. All fixtures will also be swapped out at a later date for better looking pieces.

Finally, just an interesting photograph I found of the former terrace directly across the road, which was demolished in 1935 to make way for St. Mary's Church:

Compared to today:

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