Friday, 17 October 2014

Some Work In The Return

I had an hour or two to kill so decided to tackle the ceiling of the upstairs in the return. It was tongue and grooved, much like walls were before I took them down and moved them to the new bathroom and made use of them there. The roof itself will need attention so the ceiling had to come down regardless. Apologies for these poor pictures:

A lot of vegetation had grown through the tiles over the years and made its way under the insulation:

The finished product:

Nothing spectacular here, but some additional wiring was laid to provide power to the mews at the end of the garden, as well as to the underfloor heating system which will be pumped from under the stairs. The below picture is in the corner of the kitchen on the ground floor, where the heating will be controlled from:

Finally, I started stripping some of the wood on the first floor living room. The work below took about two and half hours with the heat gun, very time consuming:

Curiously, as seen in the pictures above and below, the upper section of the moulding is made from plaster and not timber. Special care will have to be taken here:

Another large skip is arriving on Monday, when I'll be tackling the garden for the first time. Hopefully this will be the last skip required.

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