Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tackling The Garden

The garden has quite frankly been a disgrace for the last year; it's been used as a dumping ground for all the rubble and building waste coming from the house for some time and had also become hugely overgrown. So a 14 cubic yard skip was ordered and with four days off work I filled it by myself for about 6 hours a day.

The frustrating thing is that despite the tonnes of rubble I got into the skip, the garden is still in a terrible state. Anyways, some picture below.

Since becoming redundant, the iron waste pipe on the return has been a hazard so had to come down. Working on my own, it was proving difficult to remove such a heavy material, so the only option was to crack the pipe with a sledgehammer. It came down in less than a minute:

The below area was completely cleared of rubble/weeds too:

The mews had become massively overgrown with ivy, so an entire day alone was spent clearing this entire area, as well as a large portion of the roof which had been carpeted with ivy, plants and even the beginnings of a small tree growing up from the corrugated roof.

The roof partially cleared:

The beginnings of a small tree growing on the roof:

Most of the ivy removed:

There had been several piles of rubble against the left wall that had to be removed with maybe 30+ wheel barrows, brought through the house. The rubble was red brick from the old window heads, tiles from the work on the roof, plaster from inside the house and numerous stones and boulders from the mews. The entire left wall was also cleared of ivy and various plants:

More work has been done since, more pics to follow. The underfloor heating on the groundfloor of the house is due to start shortly, along with the pouring of the limecrete floor. Updates to follow.

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