Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Chimney Flue Lining

Lining the chimney flues with flexible steel liners has turned out to be a much more difficult job than expected. It was very much expected that the flues wouldn't be anywhere near straight and would change direction every couple of metres, but the angles at which they change direction are extremely sharp making feeding them from below impossible.

The liners below. One is ten metres long, the other is twelve metres:

Feeding from the fireplace was unsuccessful, despite getting close to 75% of the way up:

The only way to safely get the liners installed was from the roof; with the roof scaffolded. So this morning a scaffolding team arrived to set to work:

The top platform when finished was close to five stories up:

The chimney pot cowls to be installed double as a retention bracket for the flue liners to attach to, so are something of a necessary evil; they only come with a stainless finish:

So I set about spraying them a terracotta colour to match the pots. First coat of primer:

The finished product:

These are the clay ventilation caps for the other chimney flues, which stop rainwater from entering the unused flues (only two of the four flues are being lined and used):

I'm told after many hours of torture, the first liner has popped down into the first floor fireplace, to be fitted with the boiler stove:

Upon the complete removal of all debris on the floor of the fireplace, it turns out there was nothing but very thin, cracked state which wouldn't support the stove, so it was cleaned away:

New slate was supplied and cut by Dealgan Fireplaces, Dundalk:

The plan is to clean up the old slate and use an impregnator to get new and old a uniform shade. You can see also see the plumbing for the stove in this picture:

Plumbing connections on the rear of the stove:

And as ever, I continue to strip paint on a weekly basis, this is the first floor living room door:

The door had so much paint on one side, that it took the guts of 7-8 hours to complete the whole thing:


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