Monday, 27 April 2015

More Return Works & Bathroom Mirror

The heads of several windows in the red brick return required attention, as the lime mortar was failing and causing bricks to come loose. To repair them, the heads are first dismantled, removing each brick at a time. The opening is then framed, with a wooden template at the top acting as a guide for the new brickwork.

The removed brick is then placed back as it was with fresh mortar:

As shown many months ago, the soil pipe from the toilet upstairs ran through the below wall into the cast iron down-pipe. This hole had to be filled as it compromised the window head below. Original salvaged brick was used:

And finally onto the 1950-1960s extension; the opening below was a back door at some stage, but was filled in crudely with breeze blocks. These have since been removed and the opening will be built up again with salvaged brick. A new sash window matching the others will be built from scratch:

I sourced these Edwardian style four column radiators from Period Homes in Newry, Co. Down. They'll be positioned upstairs in the return below the landing window and the bedroom window:

And lastly, the mirror I had made for the bathroom arrived at long last. It was quite the head scratcher as to how to safely mount it to the wall (it weighs about 25kg), but in the end I found these small french-cleat style brackets. They're small, but very strong:

Measuring took a solid half hour, but we got it right in the end:


  1. Wow. The mirror makes a huge difference. I love the wood frame.

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