Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Diamond Drilling Through The Back Wall

Well this was a hell of a task! Drilling two 50mm holes through 21 inches of a stone rubble wall to allow for a kitchen sink waste pipe and a gas hob pipe to pass through to the outside.

The only tool for the job: a 19"diamond tipped, water-cooled drill bit and a powerful Hilti drill. Two of the most expensive holes every drilled, only €100 for a two hour rental! :/

The spot below where the holes are to be drilled. The lime render which was applied about two years ago is now surprisingly hard:

The holes will enter in the middle of the wall in the foreground, just above floorboard level:

After careful measuring, the drilling could begin:

For the first hole, I had no real clue as to the best speed to use or how to use it, so it took a good 30-40 minutes to get the drill unpacked and drilled right through.

The second hole went much quicker; turns out the slowest speed works best, with the bit binding up way less. This hole took a little over 15 minutes:

Two holes are required, as a gas line has to have an independent exit point and will be sleeved to protect the line:

The core of stone from inside the bit from one hole:

The garden is finally taking shape also, as I continue to sieve the soil and relay it:

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