Sunday, 10 February 2013

Internal Front Door Removal

The internal front door was an unsightly, pointless feature, not to mention completely non-symmetrical. So it was removed this evening. It came out with relative ease; a few slices with the jigsaw in key areas and it came apart no problem.

The door as it was:

The door frame remains, with the side panels removed as well as the door itself:

Close up of the framing in the top right corner:

Finally, all the door removed:

The saddle board has since been removed also. The floorboards meet concrete at this point; the floorboards around the front door were no doubt rotted through and removed as a result.

The view down the much larger hallway:


  1. Those internal doors are good for keeping in heat though. There's usually a bit of a draft around the edges of those older doors. Supposedly

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